Thursday, March 31, 2011

New User Interface features of PeopleTools 8.51

1. Smart Navigation

  • Hierarchical data navigation(e.g Trees) using the menu or Chart Navigation
  • Search results can persisted in menu for easy reuse
  • Related Action (Contextual Popup menus) : Relate additional information to page fields.

2.  Related Content Improvements

    • Support for Level 1,2 and Hidden Fields.
    • Related action content can be shown in Related Content frame

3.  Modal Secondary Page Improvements

    • Facilitates showing a variety of secondary pages in modal popup

4. Embedded help pop-up for Group box, Grid & Scroll Area

    • Help icon beside label for  embedded help

5. WorkCentre (framework)

    • Enable Application teams and customers to build role-based launching pads

6.  Org Chart Improvements

    • Rounded corners on nodes
    • Curved connecting lines
    • Alternative scrolling method
    • Better 3D rendering (openviz)


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