Saturday, September 29, 2012

Absence Management White Papers to Assist with Implementations by Oracle

Oracle has recently provided Absence Management White Papers. Below are the documents can be find at Oracle support. You need login for these documents.

1. Absence Management Entitlement and Take Setup:

Document ID 1493866.1: This document (Document ID 1493866.1) provides an overview of how to set up the main components of Absence Management, such as Absence Entitlement and Take elements, as well as other supporting elements relevant to your Absence Management implementation.

2. Absence Management System Elements:

Document ID 1493879.1: This document (Document ID 1493879.1) provides an overview of the system elements related to Absence Management. System elements are building blocks used during the design and construction of your Absence Rules. Knowing how they work and when to use them should help you expedite the implementation of your Absence Policy rules in your company

3. Absence Management Self Service Setup :

Document ID 1493867.1: This document (Document ID 1493867.1) provides an overview and guidance on some of the important areas when setting up Absence Self Service. Throughout this document we are providing examples of different configurations supported in Self Service. 

Source: Oracle Support centre.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

External People(non–employee / Applicant) Access for PeopleSoft Pages

Below steps helps to give access to components for external people.

This is required for many scenarios. Some Examples are:

1. Forgot password – Helps employee to retrieve login password.

2. External Candidate – Helps to apply  job for the company.

3. External candidate to register course – Helps external candidates to apply course. etc..

Steps to to give access for external people:

Step 1: Create a user id as EXTERNAL and set a password(PS) for it.Assign "External Applicant" & "Recruitment User"(optional) roles to this user-id. Save it.

Important : Do not attach any other Role to this user id.


Screens of roles



Step2: go to PeopleTools --> Webprofile --> Webprofile Configuration.

Then choose the profile (E.g. DEV)

Navigate to the "Security" tab and check "allow public access" and give the userid "EXTERNAL" and password "PS" and save it.



Step3: To access page use the below format.

"http://Your IP:Port/psc/ps/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/ComponentName.Market"

Sunday, September 16, 2012

In Scroll Area, Clicking from "View All" to "View 1" Creates Empty Space

Problem Description:

In some scroll areas, when clicking from "View All" to "View 1" link, the page doesn't remove the extra space that was used from "View All" mode.


For PeopleTools 8.50: This bug has been fixed on Patch 8.50.03 and higher.

For PeopleTools 8.52: This bug has been fixed on Patch 8.52.10 and higher. In normal case, we have tested for this issue on patch 10 and its working good for View all and View 1 action but some scenarios this is broken.


Reference document from oracle support: [Doc ID 1062053.1]