Thursday, October 25, 2012

Steps to Implement Data Archive Manager

Step1: Create Archive Object


Archive Record: Record from data need to archive.

Base Record: The record is selected is the base record of this archive object. This is a check box and only one can be base record.

History Record: History Record to which transaction data is needed to archive.

History Record Structure (Example):

1. Save as HR_ACCTG_LINE record to HRACTLN_HST and don’t copy any peoplecode associated with record HR_ACCTG_LINE.

2. Insert Subrecord PSARCHIVE_SBR at top in the record as shown in below image.


3. Build the table.

Step2: Create Archive Query


Archive Query contain Archive record name and all field selected.

Criteria: This is required to add criteria which filter the data for archiving.

Step3: Archive Template


Step4: Running Archive Process


Process Type:

1. Selection: Copy data from Archiving Record to History Record.

2. Delete: Deleting data from Archiving Record.

3. Remove from History: Deleting data from History Record.

4. Rollback: Copy data from History Record to Archiving record.

Note: Select the process type and run the process.