Saturday, July 2, 2011

Object–Based Code to avoid use of SQLEXEC


Below code can be used to avoid use of SQLExec.

SQLExec Code:

SQLExec to copy a row from ORD_HDR to ORD_HDR_EXT.


SQLExec("select %timeout(order_dt), training_loc, vendor_cd, order_status, status_dt, deliver_method from ps_ord_hdr
where order_nbr = :1"

SQLExec("delete from ps_ord_hdr_ext where order_nbr = :1", &ORD_NO);

SQLExec("insert into ps_ord_hdr_ext (order_nbr, order_dt,training_loc, vendor_cd, order_status, status_dt,
deliver_method) values(:1,%datein(:2),:3,:4,:5,:6,:7)"

Same logic using Object Based code:

Local Record &REC1, &REC2;
&REC1 = GetRecord(RECORD.ORD_HDR);
&REC2 = CreateRecord(RECORD.ORD_HDR_EXT);


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