Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to embed videos into a Peoplesoft system

To show/play a video on the PeopleSoft page, you don't have to copy the video to PeopleSoft. Instead, it just needs to be available from a web server and then you just use an iframe, flash player, or whatever object/embed html is required for the media type.
The way you embed the video depends on your tools release. If it is 8.49 or earlier, you will have to modify the delivered page. If it is 8.50, you can create an HTML based Pagelet Wizard pagelet and then configure the PeopleSoft page/component to use this pagelet in related content. If you have PeopleTools 8.51, then you can either use related content as in 8.50 or you can configure the page/component to be a work center and display the pagelet wizard pagelet in the work center. The great thing about these 8.50/51 options is that they are configurations that survive an upgrade.
If the videos are already available on an internal site, then you can just source that content, you don't have to copy it into your PeopleSoft web server. If they don't, then just put the videos in the PORTAL directory of your web server installation. You should probably create a new sub directory of the PORTAL directory and put them in that new directory.
Using a separate web server (apache, nginx, IIS etc) for hosting the videos would be a lot better though. If you are using load balanced web servers, you would have to put the videos on every prod instance of the load balanced web servers.

Source: Oracle support [Doc ID: 1327375.1]


Venkata said...

can you send me sample code ?

Pawan Mundhra said...

You can create html based pagelet.

Pawan Mundhra said...

<iframe frameborder="0" height="349" src="" width="425">no iframe support</iframe>

Aniket Sen said...

Hi Pawan,
can you help me with configuring SKYPE using MCF.
I have done it successfully in the sample page, but through the company directory I am unable to do the same.
Can you put some insights onto this. Thank you in advance.
You can reach me at

Pawan Mundhra said...

Did you tried setting up in "Set Up HCM, then select Common Definitions, then select Org Chart Viewer, then select Chart and Profile Settings, then select Profile Content" page?

Ashwin jain said...

I did tried creating a HTML pagelet but it shows the same text including iframe tags which we put while creating the HTML pagelet.

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